Mage Stats

Stats are not going to be an exact science, and to my knowledge, there is no "best path" level of guidance available. There is some apprehension of what stats do, so just be aware of this and use your best judgement. In the end, you can always save up and raise something that you might have neglected, so you almost can't go wrong. Here I will list them in what I consider to be the order of importance, with some details behind them:

The obvious primary stat for mages. First and foremost, intelligence gives you more spell points. A larger spell point pool is an incredible benefit. Beyond this, intelligence factors into a number of essential formulas, including concentration (summmons) and saturation. Without a doubt this should be your primary stat.

Wisdom comes in as a very strong second. It is directly influential to the damage of all evocation magic, but it also plays a role in many mage formulas similar to intelligence. This includes concentration and saturation.

This is a difficult stat to rate, as it is possible you could leave this one behind for a time, and possibly not find too many negative effects. It primarily helps with summons (concentration) but it also listed before intelligence in saturation. This could be a coincidence in the mage info files, or it could be very important here. Personally I have always kept this nearly equal to wisdom.

Constitution recently (2019) had a major increase to the effect it has on mage saturation. Saturation has little to do with early mage growth, but somewhere near mage level 100 and above, it starts to have a major influence in your longevity in combat. Constitution also has the side benefit of giving you a bit larger pool of health, and this is always useful.

Dexterity has a direct impact on a mages ability to cast spells without fumbling. Often this is a trap for new mages that do not pay attention to dexterity. At a minimum your dexterity must always be (5 + (Spell Level/4)). For some time you can keep dexterity at the minimum requirement for casting, but dex will gain in importance in the upper ranks. It helps with the very useful defense spell Blink, and also becomes a haven for increased defense once you begin to hit the caps on your abjuration training.

The one stat that can largely be ignored, strength has no influence on mage power in any form. It is a luxury for carrying more items, and may play some part in some special areas of the mud, but has no impact on mage spells or abilities.